Associations & Nonprofits

From science to education, industry advocacy to mentoring, RFI helps you find your voice, attract new members and fine tune your message through all channels of communication. We believe in the power of numbers…in the importance of collective will and of raising awareness on matters that enhance and improve our quality of life. We’ll make your mission our mission, delivering outreach that resonates with your audiences.

The New York Building Foundation
Construction for a Livable City

RFI worked with the New York Building Congress’ Foundation to help establish and brand Construction for a Livable City (CLC). Based on a successful prototype in London, CLC involves a commitment by contractors to build safely and sustainably, and to enhance communications with the communities impacted by the construction.

The National Academy of Construction
Recognizing construction leaders

To help create awareness of this prestigious construction association, RFI developed a list of marketing initiatives and recommendations. The firm also developed recommendations for a website restructuring, and prepared an RFP for upgrading and redesigning the National Academy of Construction website. RFI was selected to develop the new NAC website which launched in 2015.

The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Advancing the Chemical Sciences

Dedicated to advancing the chemical sciences as a means of improving human relations and circumstances, the Dreyfus Foundation retained RFI to increase awareness and the flow of information to both the scientific community and the public at large. We developed a new, viewer-friendly website with easy access to grant program information and applications, coordinated creation of a video for use at symposia, and provide ongoing public relations support for the high level Dreyfus Prize and other newsworthy events.

ACE Mentor Program of Greater New York City
Educating the next generation

A longstanding supporter of education and mentorship of young women and men in the architect , engineering and construction industries, RFI has developed direct mail campaigns, coordinated events and provided pro bono services to this stand out industry organization for more than 20 years.

American Public Transportation Association
Advancing Public Transportation

Based in Washington, DC, APTA is the leading force in public transportation. Its messages are complicated—whether advocating for capital investment in the transit systems, calling for High Speed Rail in the U.S., or educating about better practices for the mobility challenged. RFI has helped APTA communicate its positions, persuasively—and in a manner that leads to action—in monographs delivered to Capitol Hill and in printed pieces presented to legislators, transit system operators and other stakeholders.

General Contractors Association of New York
Advocates for Infrastructure

Exclusively devoted to the issues facing heavy construction contractors, the General Contractors Association (GCA) is a forceful advocate on behalf of its member contractors who build the foundations, transportation and utility infrastructure that define New York City. RFI has provided a broad range of services to the GCA including website development, annual reports, an organization brochure, and most recently a hard hitting profile in ENR New York on the topic of the fiscal challenges facing infrastructure investment.