RFI Turns 30!

This year RFI celebrates 30 years in business. For the mutually rewarding relationships we've developed, we thank our staff, associates, clients, colleagues and friends. We look forward to our continued partnership into the new decade.

Over the years we've helped corporations, consulting firms, industry associations and nonprofits communicate what sets them apart, providing a solid marketing footing and generating success. We also had the privilege of working on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the New York metropolitan area, producing multifaceted programs to help communicate benefits and obtain consensus.

With three decades behind us, we'd like to share some valuable lessons learned — one for each year of business.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Rose Reichman

  1. Know thyself: create your brand, find your unique voice and stick to it.
  2. What’s in a name? Your reputation and history. Guard with care.
  3. Update your website often—it’s your most important marketing asset.
  4. Tweak your brand to align with current objectives.
  5. Know your customers and what’s important to them.
  6. Communicate often—but not too often.
  7. Tell them something they don’t know.
  8. Be authentic.
  9. Deliver on your promises.
  10. Document your approach—and results.
  11. Prospective clients are more interested in what you’ve done than who you are.
  12. Never underestimate the power of a good story.
  13. Target your message and media wisely.
  14. The media wants news, not fluff.
  15. If you don’t have news, make news.
  16. Celebrate your milestones and use them to outreach.
  17. An event is worth a thousand emails.
  18. Promote your staff—your most important asset.
  19. Try new marketing tools, but don’t walk away from the tried-and-true.
  20. Social media has its place, but keep it professional . . . fun, but professional.
  21. Video is worth a thousand posts.
  22. Get out there, show up, get involved in your industry.
  23. Give your expert advice for free every once in a while.
  24. Pick up the phone.
  25. Meet in person.
  26. Proofread, proofread, proofread.
  27. Advertising effectiveness is all about frequency.
  28. Enter award competitions for recognition and team-building.
  29. Invest in professional photography.
  30. Marketing can’t take a vacation.

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